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BREEDER OR SUCKER EP.2/10. CHARLOTTE is worried about getting old, and her going out habits aren't helping. A trip to the doctor and gynaecologist, leads to realising her recent sexual history, which turns to panic. FRIEND 1 hasn't heard back from GUY FRIEND 1 LIKES since she sent him a photo of her vagina.

BREEDER OR SUCKER is a feminist, art school based narrative, following the lives and failures of art school students. The scripts satirise situations of privilege and failure within the art school system, whilst unapologetically commenting on female sexuality, by humorously criticising the restrictive and reductive definition of what part is assigned to each person, "whether homosexual or heterosexual…breeders or suckers. We dreamed of breaking through these boundaries. We just wanted to be people, detached from gender, or be all genders at once"(Wojnarowicz, 2006). The viewer watches a group of young people who are struggling to secure an education; to be offered exhibitions; and to get laid.

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