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Charlotte Gash combines critique of the everyday with her own personal experiences of the art world to create narratives and counter-narratives that open up discussions around working as a contemporary artist. Her ongoing series Breeder or Sucker continues her exploration of privilege and failure in the art system, cameoing the artist alongside a cast of recurring characters, including her art nemesis ART BITCH. Always using humour and satire, Gash opens up conversations about stereotypical images of the artist, the impossibilities of administration and bureaucracy in which art institutions are embedded, allowing for the many ideas of the artist to circulate nevertheless. Charlotte Gash (b. 1994) is a British artist living and working in Vienna (AT). She studied Sculpture BA at Wimbledon College of Arts (UAL, London) and has completed her MA in Performative Kunst (Akademie der Bildender Kunst, Vienna). Gash takes inspiration from humorous, everyday situations, and translates them through the imitation of popular culture, whether it be through the style of a play, TV show, or mockumentary. Gash’s work takes the form of text, sculpture, performance and video.


WAR ON CHRISTMAS, booze on boobs choir,


LOVE POEMS, booze on boobs collaboration,

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