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Öberg and Gash created a bar that was a collage of artists they are inspired by and whom they invited to show works with them. Gash made painted glasses that had text and imagery inspired by female artists, writers, or musicians. Gash also made some vases inspired by Betty Woodman. Öberg created structures to hold the works on, as well as making the wooden rollable bars, one for each to make the G+T's. The video installation, also a collage of inspiring people for Öberg and Gash, was an hour long video work made up of many different videos from youtube. It was projected behind them whilst they worked the bar. This video work was also the soundtrack for the party. Öberg created "Happy Birthday" costumes for them to wear in the bar, that was inspired by the event at the Volkskundemuseum, celebrating 100 years of women being allowed to vote in Austria.  

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