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Photos - Klaus Pichler


Exhibition as part of the Kunsthalle Wien Prize Award, 2022 - Unfreezing the scene


Tunnel of Inclusion; Behind The Scenes Documentary is a behind the scenes mockumentary style persiflage of installing a prize exhibition showcasing the young Austrian art scene, on display at Kunsthalle Karlsplatz Wien. Tunnel of Inclusion; Behind The Scenes Documentary follows CURATOR (as seen in my film series Breeder or Sucker; Episode 1) hiring a film crew to make a documentary about her first institutional exhibition, Tunnel of Inclusion. Problems arise on the way towards the day of the opening, following the ARTISTS, DIRECTOR OF INSTITUTION, ASSISTANTS and the CURATOR work towards the fine art academies award exhibition, as characters CHARLOTTE, ARTIST 1, ARTIST 2 and ART BITCH prepare for the award ceremony where the prize will be announced. Shot almost entirely within the Kunsthalle buildings, I used the set ups of the exhibition Unfreezing the Scene, Preis der Kunstalle 2022 as a backdrop for the film. Staring the curators of the prize exhibition (Astrid Peterle and Pieternel Vermoortel, and assistant curator Hannah Marynissen), Artistic Director of Kunsthalle (Nataša Ilić ), the winners of the Kunsthalle Prize 2022 (Julius Pristauz, Albin Bergström) along with fictitious characters (ANGRY BIKER, FIRE BRIGADE PERSON, ART BITCH, AND FRIEND 1) help blur the lines between reality and fiction. Tunnel of Inclusion is set in the Meta universe that is Breeder or Sucker, a alternate universe I have created within a film series, focusing on the art world in Vienna, blurring the story in-between documentary and fiction - using the art world to act as the art world, and then presenting it back, to the art world.

The installation consisted of; TRANSPORT VAN - life sized imitation's of the Kunsthalle Wien transport van, and imitations of artworks made by the other artists involved in the exhibition


EPISODE 3 TRAILER - Breeder or Sucker, Ep.3 trailer 

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