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Not long after Lil Edie joins the new coop, theres a chicken murder. DONDA is murdered by a fellow chicken, with a beak to the neck. But who did it? A classic whodunit, Lil Edie investigates the chicken coop to find out the story behind DONDA; her habits, her enemies, and her addictions. As the story thickens, Lil Edie's investigation  harder then she'd ever imagined…."


The musical DONDA is inspired by recent attacking, abducting and killings of young women by police officers, in England and in Sweden, most notably the case of Sarah Everard in 2021. Using absurdity and humour to discuss such tragic events, DONDA the Musical follows Little Eddie, a chicken new to a coop, as she tries to solve the murder of a fellow chicken, and friend. Inspired by female songwriters and Grey Gardens Documentary, DONDA brings to light such tragic events which display the horror of patriarchal and misogynistic power structures in society through the use of humour and absurdity, displaying fear, frustration, and friendship.

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